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INCUBATE | Interiors

University of Sydney

INCUBATE is an innovative space that houses the University of Sydney’s start-up program. The interior aims to motivate students through the intensive 14-week process of learning, collaboration and private work – taking design cues from the energy of entrepreneurs.

The space was carved into a series of fluid areas providing students with a choice on how they want to work. There’s space for individual work, teamwork, areas for contemplation and a communal kitchen. The facility offers a contemporary environment that straddles co-share lab and modern workplace.


A key design feature is the pipework that weaves through the space, referencing the facilities function as a facilitator of ideas. Over the collaborative pitch zone, the pipework is tangled and unresolved, as the pipes travel over workstations they untangle and provide power – a visual representation of the clarification of ideas.

Robust materials such as oriented strand board and a playful approach to joinery further the contemporary feel.

Technical Information

University of Sydney
University of Sydney
Complete, 2018
Key Consultants
Lucid Consulting, Philip Chun
Gross Floor Area