University of Sydney, New South Wales

Cox were engaged to design a space for INCUBATE, a University of Sydney facility and Australia’s leading university-led startup program.  The new interior has been designed to facilitate an intense 14-week process of learning, collaboration and private work and takes its cues from the energy generated by entrepreneurs.

The space has been carved into a series of fluid areas that provide students with choice as to how they want to work; there’s space for individual work, opportunities to collaborate , areas to contemplate, a communal kitchen to nourish, and opportunities to pitch to industry.  Overall, the facility offers a contemporary environment that straddles between a co-share lab and a modern workplace.

Perhaps the strongest visual statement is the complex system of pipework that weaves through space referencing the facility’s function as a facilitator of ideas.  Over the collaborative pitch zone, the pipework appears tangled and unresolved, then as the pipes travel over workstations they untangle and provide power – a visual representation of the clarification of ideas. Robust materials such as oriented strand board and a playful approach to joinery add to the contemporary feel of the space.

INCUBATE has been designed to inspire creative thought, entice collaboration and induce a little bit of play.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
University of Sydney
Project Status
Complete, 2018
Key Consultants
Lucid Consulting, Philip Chun
Contractor / Builder
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