Orange Regional Airport Expansion

Orange, New South Wales

Orange Airport is located 15km south east of Orange and is serviced by Rex Airlines providing regular passenger services between Orange and Sydney, accommodating regional community and tourism needs.

As a gateway to Orange and the surrounding region, the Council has continued to improve facilities over the past 10 years. As part of the long term vision for the airport, the terminal building housing operational, retail and hospitality facilities was scheduled for upgrade.

The terminal planning allows for simultaneous loading of two departing and one arriving aircraft. Internally the palette of colours reflects Orange’s four distinct seasonal configurations.

The architectural expression is externally and internally a blend of an Australian vernacular language and the imagery of aeronautical forms. The Australian vernacular readily found in adjacent rural buildings is referenced in the pavilion planning format, the use of light, honestly detailed structure and by using metal cladding as the primary finish. Aeronautical imagery guides the curvilinear roof and inclusive interior forms and influences the detailing of the roof as a floating plane. Internally, the free column is utilised as a structural model. It minimises obstruction to passenger flow and allows long term flexibility in functional planning and expansion of the envelope.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
In association with
Orange City Council
Project Status
Completed, 2012-2015
Key Consultants
Cook + Roe, Geolyse, Marline Newcastle, Caledonian Landscapes, Greg J Seib
Contractor / Builder
Momentum Built
Site Area
Rebekah Collins
Paul Sproule