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University of Queensland Oral Health Centre | Interiors

Herston, Brisbane

The University of Queensland Oral Health Centre synthesises the concerns we regard as critical in architecture. One is that buildings convey abstractly their purpose, in this case embodying the ‘craft of dentistry’, in the craft of the forms and spaces. A second is that buildings enrich context – here the building is designed to unite the university’s medical campus with an adjoining hospital with which it functions. A third is to humanise institutional buildings at every moment in its experience.

The UQ Oral Health Centre is, at nearly 30,000m2 in size, the largest and most comprehensive such centre in the southern hemisphere. Its site forms a flank to a formal park that fronts an historic medical building, above which heritage constraints precluded the new building rising. The building steps down the slope of the park to accommodate this limitation but utilises topography to engage each level with the park.

At the crown of the slope the building parts to form a breezeway atrium that acts as both a campus heart, previously lacking, and an intersection of axes between the campus, building and hospital. This space organises access to each upper level, with the ground level providing public oral health services.

The planning consolidates the dental laboratories in the centre such that circulation envelopes the building, it comprising a system of timber-louvred glazing that facilitates natural ventilation throughout the movement spaces. This system and that of articulated white concrete panels underpin this large building’s crafted and humanistic architecture.


Daryl Jackson Award for Educational Architecture, AIA 2016
National Award for Interior Architecture, AIA 2016
National Award for Sustainable Architecture, AIA 2016
Sustainable Architecture Award, AIA QLD 2016
FDG Stanley Award for Public Architecture, AIA QLD 2016
Interior Architecture Award, AIA QLD 2016
Global Excellence Award for Education, IIDA 2015
National Award for Excellence, CIA 2015
World Festival of Interiors Award for Health & Education, INSIDE 2015
State Award for Excellence in Building Projects, CIA QLD 2015
Shortlisted in Health & Education, INSIDE – World Festival of Interiors 2015
Shortlisted in Higher Education & Research, WAF 2015
Shortlisted in Health, WAF 2015

Technical Information

Herston, Brisbane
In Association With
Hames Sharley and Conrad Gargett Riddel
The University of Queensland
Completed, 2009-2014
Key Consultants
Aurecon, TTM Consulting, Multi-Tech Solutions, Cundall, Rumble Ron Pty Ltd, RPS Australia Pty Ltd (Formerly Gamble McKinnon Green), RLB, McKendry Rein Petersen, Dot Dash, Capital Insight, Food Service Design Australia, Meinhardt Façades Technology, Certis
Gross Floor Area
Christopher Frederick Jones