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Abi Avramov: Stories of 2017

This is the tenth recap of our Conversations: Stories of 2017 series. Abi Avramov is an interior designer practicing in our Canberra studio.


As I’ve progressed in my role at Cox I have found myself juggling multiple projects which has been both challenging and an opportunity to learn better time management!

By watching and working with the senior designers and project architects, I have learnt to set my priorities and most importantly to develop focus. It can sometime be distracting with many project requests coming in all at once, but I have found by actively focusing on each task one at a time and finishing it before moving onto the next (urgent!) thing, I have greatly improved my productivity.  The best time management tool for me is still the old school handwritten list and I get the extra pleasure of ticking off each item.

This year, my favourite projects both involved the opportunity to work on the Concept Design for two fitouts; the new Capital Airport Group offices and Queanbeyan Council complex.

I relished the chance to be creative and help set the design ethos and style of these projects, particularly the detailed joinery and ceiling designs. I then helped model these concepts in 3D Revit software. I found this step very satisfying; taking the original ideas and creating a great model to communicate our vision to the client.

Actually I’m really looking forward to finishing my own house renovations that I’ve designed and getting very hands on with actually building over the holiday break and early 2018!

We are going to do as much of the construction ourselves as possible and I’m excited to learn a whole lot of new ‘tradie’ skills such as tiling, carpentry, and laying floor boards.

Experiencing this side of design will also give me a great insight into what it takes to physically deliver a project and will feed back in to and improve my design skills and relationships at work and onsite.