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Emma Spann: Stories of 2017

This is the third reflection of our Conversations: Stories of 2017 series. Emma Spann is an interior designer based in our busy Brisbane studio. 


There is a lot to look back on from 2017! My team has been graced with a challenging and interesting selection of projects throughout the year. On personal reflection, it has been most fulfilling to see our workplace design for the refurbishment of Cardno’s 4800sqm Asia Pacific North Headquarters come to fruition.

Cardno has been a challenging and exciting experience for me. Leading the client through a series of workshops, we collaboratively formed a conceptual brief based around the creation of a workplace community. The design was then realised around a set of principles, which will result in an adaptable workplace that unites and inspires Cardno’s people.

I have only been at Cox for two years but what a whirlwind it has been! The last 10 months especially have been a greater learning curve than I could have ever imagined. Working from early concept stages through to overseeing the project on site has been overwhelming at times, but so rewarding on every level. Seeing the design details we have worked on so meticulously on paper, is a great feeling of accomplishment to see them in the flesh.

I am grateful to be part of talented and supportive team in Brisbane and surrounded by amazing design mentors, which have been an integral part of my learning, growth and achievements in my career. Cardno’s Headquarters in Brisbane is due for completion in February 2018. So watch this space as it will be a very exciting time for our client and Cox.