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Leichhardt Oval Masterplan

The Inner West Council has set out to create a vision, identify opportunities, and develop a design blueprint for Leichhardt Oval over the next decade. A commendable feat, the oval will continue to be a comprehensive and complementary recreation precinct, one of the most unique and loved sporting and event destinations in the region.

The masterplan presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to plan for the future of Leichhardt Oval as the recreational “heart of the community” for Inner West Sydney. As the Inner West’s population grows, the quantum of cultural, event, open space, and community facilities per persons is in decline.

Therefore, investment at the Oval will focus on the better utilisation and activation of existing assets, event spaces, infrastructure, open space, and community assets. This will ensure multi-functionality and a variety of programmes and hierarchy of spaces that appeal to all walks of life.

To achieve this, the Council and COX have undertaken extensive community and stakeholder engagement to develop a collective vision that will deliver an events and recreation destination that is boutique and unique. Under the masterplan, the oval will benefit from upgrades to contemporary facilities to support a healthy, connected, and diverse community.

The collaboration between COX, ARUP and RLB forms an established world-leading master planning, sports architecture, recreational destination planning team, tasked with developing the designs for the required upgrades to the “eighth wonder of the world” Leichhardt Oval.


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