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Occupy 2022 – Make a Paper Sculpture

(Above: James Cook University Central Plaza) 

The Student Architecture Festival is a student-run event held annually by the Australasian Student Architecture Congress (ASAC). This year’s instalment, ‘Occupy,’ is being held in Brisbane and looks to explore what it means to be an architect in 2022, compiling a list of solutions on how to improve architecture into the future.

COX is a strong supporter in what ASAC is doing for architecture students around Australasia, and signed on as official partners to assist the event. The five-day program is running from 26 to 30 September, and includes a series of workshops, exhibitions, presentations and conversations. ‘Occupy’ will showcase projects, processes and discussions across various disciplines and scales that demonstrate meaningful connection to place.

As part of our involvement in the event, COX has supplied pamphlets to the students, that after reading can be turned into paper sculptures. Below is a tutorial on how to fold the sculpture.