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Robert Collie: Stories of 2017

This is the sixth reflection of our Conversations: Stories of 2017 series. Robert Collie is a recent architecture graduate working in our Canberra studio. 


Having just finished five years of Architectural student life I was surprised to find that working full time is not at all that different. In fact, my first year at Cox has found me enjoying not only some of the best parts of university but whole new experiences as well. From discussing initial ideas in a studio setting, to the stress of a long late night rush to get a submission ready by due date.

Those moments of walking around the studio, seeing what other people are working on or asking them how they might or have dealt with a challenge is not something lost since finishing university. There has however been a great gain in knowledge from DA’s to construction drawings, and meeting with clients and consultants. There has also been, as anyone who has finished a degree in architecture can confirm, a great deal more sleep, despite the occasional late night!

This year has seen me work on a large variety of projects and at different stages of documentation. I have spent time on the award-winning Willinga Equestrian Park, working across the both early concept sketches and development application documentation. I’ve also spent time developing my technical skills, producing renders and diagrams to help win submissions and help generate new ideas.

I think a highlight of this year been the responsibility and trust from the Canberra studio Directors. I have been given the opportunity to lead as project architect on a small townhouse development that I have seen from concept through to development application.

Aside from the townhouse development, which has been the highlight of my year, my other great joy has been in the production of renders and images. This has involved learning new programs including 3DS max. For next year, I’m really looking forward to learning more about 3DX max and in particular incorporating virtual reality with our work. VR and AR are interesting in that we can use the technology to feel out spaces digitally, before they become physical.

My first year at Cox Architecture and out of university has certainly been a continuation of my education; something that I think will never end.