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Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is upon us once more, and this month marks the Year of the Dog (earth dog to be precise).

The celebrations coincide with our final site visit to the new National Maritime Museum at Tianjin, as designed in partnership with TADI. The museum has been an experience in itself to design, with the concept open to multiple interpretations.

Project Architect Anya Meng describes the site visit below, articulating the scope and scaleof the forms for those of us yet to experience the new cultural centre.

“Walking on site last week, seeing that beast of a carp sleeping in the landscape, waiting to be awoken was both phenomenal and surreal. It’s sheer scale and it’s majestic form has solidified into a reality, and it seems life is breathed into the building as each “scale” is affixed to the facade.”

In welcoming the Year of the Dog, we also welcome the opportunities (and challenges) before us, and the continued opportunity to contribute to public life through architecture, across Asia and the world.

National Maritime Museum of China

Tianjin, China