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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!

As we reach this auspicious time of year we also have the chance to share progress on one of the practice’s most important international projects – the National Maritime Museum of China in Tianjin. Thanks to the drone footage below, provided by our China partners, we can begin to experience the vision, scale and complexity of the endeavour.

For those not fluent in Mandarin, the narrator mentions the following interesting facts in the video:

  • Building will be completed next year 2017
  • The building resembles four jumping fish leaping into the sea to reflect the maritime theme. This is achieved through large cantilevers, the largest one being 36m.
  • 17000 tonnes of steel used
  • 137 structural portal frames, each one difference and installed at different angles
  • Façade is 70% aluminium totalling 55,000m2.
  • Remaining 30% is glazing with a small portion of stone at the base.

National Maritime Museum of China

Tianjin, China