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weavr. threads a community for change

COX has partnered with leading First nations software firm LOGiT Australia and their software – weavr.

weavr. is the first developed software to capture, track and manage organisational process through the Reconciliation journey. Not just a generic project management tick-box or sentiment survey/analytics tool – weavr. brings the many hands of an organisation together to learn, grow and celebrate the unique contribution they make.

Indigenous communities have used weaving for tens of thousands of years to manufacture goods, to create art, and to share stories. LOGiT Managing Director and proud Biripi man, Kieran Shirey, explains that the name weavr was selected very deliberately.


LOGiT Managing Director and proud Biripi man, Kieran Shirey

When you bring two fibres together and mould them together, they form a stronger bond. What we’re talking about here is reconciliation.

COX is proud to be the first architectural practice in Australia to partner with LOGiT Australia to implement the software. Valuable data will further support us in achieving our vision for reconciliation – where First Nations cultures, knowledge, and heritage is celebrated and informs our designs to heal and sustain Country.