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251 Vista Green

Perth, Western Australia

251 Vista Green has delivered a bespoke lobby and forecourt experience where workplace and nature come together.

The repositioning of the entry adjacent to Florence Hummerston Reserve offers a unique ‘working lobby’, one that is connected to landscape, natural light, and the city skyline.

It provides not only the current tenants, but the wider workplace community an opportunity to collaborate, socialise and be connected to a tranquil environment, whilst enjoying the comforts of a modern office lobby.

The threshold between workplace and landscape is blurred. The creation of a double volume glazed ‘veil’ of steel and natural stone allows a seamless connection between the internal environment and the adjacent pocket park. This ‘window’ to landscape is a unique setting within the CBD.

Internal columns clad in dark glass mosaics represent the twisted mature trees located within the park, whilst the walls of rich, randomly laid slabs of green marble are symbolic of the park’s foliage, reinforcing this connection to nature. The material palette generally is natural and textured. Aged brass, chiselled sandstone, blackened steel, and timber compliment the relaxed but sophisticated workplace environment.

A new café with alfresco dining and bookable meeting rooms continues to promote the concept of a social, collaborate working lobby. This in concert with bespoke furniture, integrated with technology and strategically orientated towards the ‘window’ to landscape provides for alternate work points away from the internalised main office environment.

251 Vista Green is not only a success in providing the current tenants with a repurposed modern lobby. It has created an alternate workplace environment for the broader office community. The opportunity to be connected to landscape and nature within a rich and textured contemporary setting offers for new ways to collaborate and socialise. A truly unique experience.


Architecture Award, Commercial Architecture, AIA WA 2022

Technical Information

Perth, Western Australia
Primewest Funds Ltd
Complete, 2021
Key Consultants
RBB, Resolve Group, Ross McLoughlin, Forth, LCI (Electrical Consultant), LCI (Hydraulic Consultant)
Robert Firth