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Australia Place Lobby Refurbishment Celebrated at WA Architecture Awards

Australia Place Lobby Refurbishment has been recognised at the 2024 WA Architecture Awards.

Originally envisioned as a forecourt canopy restoration, the project quickly evolved into a comprehensive revitalisation of the entire lobby, aiming to create an engaging and activated space for visitors and building users.

The refurbishment celebrates art, light, and texture, transforming the lobby into a highly considered experience. This dedication to excellence has earned the project two accolades, the Mondoluce Award for Lighting, and a Commendation for interior Architecture.

Warm walnut tones on the walls and blades of the lift lobby provide relief from the white marble flooring below. A focus was placed on providing low level mood lighting to the voluminous lobby space to create a sense of intimacy, comfort, and privacy.

Bespoke joinery and key furniture provide an array of user experiences. The feature ceiling pendant lights anchor the lounge space centred within the lobby where loose furniture and fixed high bench joinery adjacent to the glass curtain wall offers café patrons another experience and welcoming transition into a revitalised lobby experience.

These awards highlight the successful blend of innovative design and functionality, making Australia Place a standout example of modern lobby revitalisation. Congratulations to the team for their outstanding work on this project.

Australia Place Lobby Refurbishment

Perth, Western Australia