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COX’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan Formally Endorsed

Reconciliation Australia has formally endorsed the COX Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, recognising our commitment to embed reconciliation into the heart of our practice.

Kyran Dixon, Indigenous Engagement Lead

I’m somewhat a believer in fate, and I think it was meant to be that our Innovate RAP endorsement lined up with Reconciliation Week. As we reflect on the theme ‘now more than ever,’ we get to work putting our plans into action.

This new phase represents a progression from our Reflect RAP, empowering us to explore our sphere of influence and continue working towards reconciliation.

Our Innovate RAP seeks to embrace a proactive approach to problem-solving. Through this plan, we reaffirm our commitment to investing in relationships with First Nations peoples and creating physically and socially safe and respectful spaces.

Karen Clutson, Chair of the Board of Directors

Through respect, reciprocity, and listening, we can evolve a built environment that is wholly Australian – drawing on a deep understanding of place.

Reconciliation and meaningful change takes time. We commit to creating lasting relationships that both enrich our knowledge of place and people, and most importantly help to grow and positively impact on the Traditional Custodian communities we work with. Strong relationships will help cultivate who we are, the design process we partake in, and our design outcomes so that our projects have much more meaningful engagement with Country and Community.



Kyran Dixon, Indigenous Engagement Lead

This plan is our roadmap for a better future, guiding us towards measurable outcomes and accountability.

Our Innovate RAP features artwork by First Nations weaver, writer, and activist Jessika Spencer. A Wiradjuri woman from the Sand Hills of Narrandera Country, Jessika’s artistic focus has long been fibre art – crafting unique pieces with sustainable materials collected consciously from the land.

The concept for ‘Buugang,’ the woven Bogong moth, emerged from discussion between Jessika and COX about our RAP.

“Just as COX had completed the first stage of their RAP, with the second stage emerging, the Bogong Moth Had just made this huge trip from the top of Australia to the Canberra Mountains and were hibernating for their next big movement. To me, that echoed where COX was at!” says Artist, Jessika Spencer

We are thrilled to present our Innovate RAP. Together, let’s embrace the journey towards reconciliation.

Access our Innovate RAP here.