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COX’s Response to COVID-19

It’s difficult to talk about ‘Business As Usual’ as we live through such exceptional times and circumstances.

In fact, we think ‘usual’ may look very different after this crisis has passed.

Australia and its communities are as well-placed as any to first resist and then overcome this once in a hundred-year event.

We will balance concerns for our people first and foremost in our decision-making, within our stated moral and contractual needs to support our clients and partners.

We are exploring every avenue available to us where we can both minimise the health-risk, while still maintaining our ability to deliver. In this, technology is a great facilitator and we’re fortunate to have made recent investments in tools and processes that go a long way in allowing us to remain operational and effective.

But we’re even more fortunate to have the quality of people we do on our staff.

The company will do its level best to provide them with the tools and protocols to stay safe, and we know that they will adapt to new practices and workarounds to ensure that, wherever possible, their vocation continues to be realised.

Behind these words are a plethora of initiatives and teams, communicating ‘up’ to Leadership and ‘across’ to our people. We understand that we are adapting to an ever-changing landscape of new data and government-guidance and have put new executive processes in place to address these. We’re considering this advice and staging our response as our most pressing priority.

We have faith that clear-heads, hard-work and good people will see us through.

Ian Sutter,

Managing Partner