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Immersive Storytelling: The Design Technology Hackathon 2020

“A hackathon is not simply about software development or problem-solving, it is an intensive creative event that acts as a catalyst for the creation of vibrant communities of interest and enables the sharing of knowledge and experience. Participants get to share in the immense satisfaction that comes from working together to discover new and exciting things. The support of COX, and particularly my Design Technology colleagues, is instrumental to the success of events such as the Hackathon. “ – Tristan Morgan

In February, COX’s Design Technology group held their 2020 Hackathon in Immersive Storytelling. The event, which brought together members of our Computational Design Group from around the nation, sought to understand how gaming engines can influence design decisions in the architectural industry, and how emerging technologies can be leveraged as a storytelling aid.



The goal of the event was to research the role of storytelling in the communication of the types of complex analysis – spatial, environmental, material, and experiential – often generated by computational designers.

A collaboration between COX and Unity was established to explore the medium of augmented reality to drive this storytelling approach, wherein a bi-directional information flow between Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and the Unity platform could enable rapid and dynamic development of information-rich user-centric mobile and web applications.

Tristan Morgan, Design Technology Lead: Innovation

The lessons we learn individually and collectively are instrumental in ensuring the integration of cutting-edge innovation to support COX as an industry leader in computation and design technology.

To read more about the event, its outcomes and our participating team’s reflections, take a look at our Hackathon booklet below:

Adrian Taylor

Andy Liu

Dr Jacqueline Baker

Emily Leung

Jerome Yang

Mark Kowalyov

Matt Austin

Mitchell Buckley

Nissie Bungbrakearti

Patrick Scott

Rebekah Collins

Tristan Morgan