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International Women’s Day 2023

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to give our people the opportunity to discuss what’s important to them. Taking from both the IWD theme of ‘Embracing Equity,’ and the UNWomen’s theme of ‘Cracking the Code: innovation for a gender equal future,’ we gave people from our five studios a blank space to express themselves.

International Women’s Day marks a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the impressive impact women have at all levels of our practice. But it’s not just today where this should occur.

So, while today we read and connect with what inspires and drives our people, how they impact society and the built environment, and even get a few tips for women at the start of their careers, we recognise that to move to a more equal future, we need to do this every day.

Alee Sibal

Anthea Leyden

Karen Clutson

Leni Gaborit

Margot McGinness

Mark McKenna

Nancy Williams

Ned Zolio

Nissie Bungbrakearti

Paul Focic

Piper King

Raquel Chiusoli

Raquel Dean

Vi Truong

ZamZam Sammir