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Midtown Workplace’s Wayfinding Shortlisted for Prestigious Award

The Sydney Wayfinding Team are excited to announce Midtown Centre Wayfinding has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2022 Australian Graphic Design Association Awards to be held Mid November.

The project was won through tender in close collaboration with COX’s Brisbane and Sydney Interiors teams.


With the workplace featuring layers of connectivity, the wayfinding system closely echoes the interior design language to create a functional, legible, considered and cohesive sign family. The project’s design principles are based around our client’s core values. These principles include a celebration of the company’s commitment to exploration, championing function, and future vision.

The aim was to express the visual and material language of our client’s on-site locations using the periodic table. The materiality of the signage celebrated their connection to the environment, while the typography and visual elements extended their human-centric brand into a layered, stimulating and relatable visual language. A two-tiered sign system is implemented over the 12 levels of the fitout. Tier one stacks are the main arrival and public facing levels, showcasing the richest set of materials including raw corten steel, copper, and aluminium. The tier two stacks are the main office floors, social in design and functional in operation. Material finishes are paired back and simple, including raw concrete and aluminium.

Congratulations to the wayfinding team, Andy Medhurst, Yvonne Tong, Sam Keen, Cynthia Wu & Andrew Roper, and to the Interior Design team Brooke Lloyd, Michelle Mitchell, and Remy Chard.

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