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Unconventional Sketching with Richard Coulson

The trope of an architect sketching on a cocktail napkin is given a new twist by Richard Coulson, Project Director for the Queensland Country Bank Stadium. This sketch, made on a flight between Brisbane and Townsville, demonstrates the central design principles behind the stadium. We asked Richard about his design process and whether planes are an ideal environment for contemplation and design, he said:

“Queensland is the most regional of the mainland states. This means more people live outside the capital than in it. Queensland’s regional towns have provided great opportunities to develop climatically and community-responsive projects.

The flight to Townsville is one hour. The flight to Cairns in 2 hours, (you can get a sleep). To get to Winton, it is a 2-hour flight then a 2-hour drive. Historically on a flight, you were uncontactable. After doing the cryptic crossword you might have a little think.

I usually have a pen on me but not always paper. I have written presentations and to-do lists as well as developed projects on sick bags. Sometimes you to draw to explore, sometimes to remember and sometimes when bored,”

COX Director, Richard Coulson

The person in the next seat typically gets anxious when you pull out the sick bag. After a while, they guess you are an architect and take sympathy on you.

[Above] a recent photo of Queensland Country Bank Stadium taken by David Spencer

Queensland Country Bank Stadium