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COX Projects Celebrated at the 2024 Queensland Architecture Awards

On Friday night, two COX projects were celebrated at the 2024 Queensland Architecture Awards.

Award for Interior Architecture – Australian Retirement Trust Workplace
Australian Retirement Trust Workplace received high praise from the jury, who stated:

“The Australian Retirement Trust Workplace stands as an exemplary commercial fit-out that transcends mere surface finishes. Meticulously crafted through collaborative consultation with client stakeholders, it acknowledges the needs and experiences of end users engaging with their superannuation provider. The public level boasts a notable special arrangement that accommodates diverse scenarios, from celebratory gatherings to moments of calm de-escalation, while thoughtfully designed well-being and staff support areas further demonstrate empathy toward all user groups. Simultaneously reinforcing the Brisbane City Council’s commitment to buildings that harmonise with their surroundings, this design humbly acknowledges the land upon which it was created, offering a poignant reminder that our wealth is intrinsically tied to the Australian landscape.”

Award for Commercial Architecture – Cunnamulla Hot Springs
Cunnamulla Hot Springs was also recognised, with the jury noting:

“Cunnamulla Hot Springs responds with elegance to the beauty of its outback river setting. Conceived as an attraction to boost Cunnamulla’s place on the tourist trail, it also strengthens community connection and contributes to a renewed township identity. Located on the levy bank of the river, the organic shapes of the hot pools meander sinuously under gumtrees, while in a palette of natural materials, the sequence of pools and landscape integrates seamlessly with the timber-screen building pavilions. Delight abounds in the smallest of details, inside and out. Cunnamulla Hot Springs provides a memorable relaxation experience amongst a chorus of corellas in a unique outback setting.”

Australian Retirement Trust Workplace | Interiors

Brisbane, Queensland