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Exploring Vertical Learning Through the Eyes of Students

COX Head of Research, Dr. Jacqueline Baker

As a partner in the ARC Thriving in Vertical Schools Linkage project, we were excited to hear first-hand from pioneer students about the experience of vertical learning.

A growing urban population and shortage of urban land is compelling Australian education providers to invest  in a new vertical architectural type – schools on small blocks of land in high-rise buildings. With few evidence-based precedents to guide designers or educators, the Thriving in Vertical Schools ARC Linkage Project is drawing on the experience of pioneers to generate knowledge-sharing processes.

Students are at the heart of the project, driven by the overall question – How can urban vertical learning spaces support students’ capability and wellbeing – that is help students thrive?

To answer this question and more, over 200 students shared their stories with the professionals who designed and led their schools. See some of those conversations in action in QUT’s new video, here.

[above] Fortitude Valley State Secondary College. Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones.

This research project features COX projects Fortitude Valley State Secondary College and Adelaide Botanic High School (designed in collaboration with DesignInc).

For more stories about wellbeing and learning, join us at the September 12th Forum at QUT, Brisbane, which will be available both in person and online. Register here. 

[below] Adelaide Botanic High School. Photography by Sam Noonan.

Fortitude Valley State Secondary College


Adelaide Botanic High School