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International Women’s Day 2024

[Above] 2024 Sydney Summer Salon by Parlour, held at COX’s Sydney Studio. Photography: Aimee Crouch

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to give our people the opportunity to discuss what’s important to them. Taking from both the IWD theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’ and the UNWomen’s theme of ‘Count her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress,’ we gave people from our seven studios a blank space to express themselves.

International Women’s Day marks a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the impressive impact women have at all levels of our practice. But it’s not just today where this should occur.

So, while today we connect with what inspires and drives our people, and how they impact society and the built environment, we recognise that to move to a more equal future, we need to do this every day.

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Ashleigh Sullivan

Gabrielle Rebecchi

Hesti Nienaber

Hisham El-Jourdi

Ian Smith

James Sekoranja

Jo Quach

John Ferguson

Karen Clutson

Laura Turner

Louise Buckingham

Luke Van De Vorst

Margot Lapalus