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Allianz Stadium | Signage & Wayfinding

Moore Park, Sydney

Allianz Stadium sets a benchmark for rectangular stadia globally. Responding strongly to its content, the stadium is designed from the ‘outside in,’ integrating with the natural environment of Moore Park.



The wayfinding system is a distinctive and integrated signage suite that enhances the user’s experience through strong legibility and intuitive wayfinding where appropriate. With Aspect Design responsible for external signage, COX collaborated with them to ensure a seamless transition from outside to indoors, crafting a unified approach. Bespoke pictograms compliment the robust typeface and give the system a unique visual identity. Where possible, sign faces were kept neutral or white, contrasting the colours of the stadium and its inhabitants.

Technical Information

Moore Park, Sydney
Infrastructure NSW
Complete, 2022
Key Consultants
Central Signs
Nic Bailey