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Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Won through an international design and build competition, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre was the first harbour redevelopment project undertaken in Taiwan’s port city of Kaohsiung.

The winning concept emphasised Kaohsiung’s strong relationship with the sea, being Taiwan’s largest harbour city. The design is a dramatic wave-like structure, befitting of the maritime precinct.

Key to the design was the introduction of a public street that links the city to the waterfront through the centre of the facility. A truly hybrid facility – the building combines exhibition and convention in a single integrated space, allowing the centre flexibility to host varying events and meetings simultaneously.

The roof utilises an alternating shell structure system with umbrella trusses that reduce steel tonnage and resist gale force winds and anticipated seismic forces. Skylights and vents allow the building to respond to the environment and welcome natural light and ventilation – improving sustainability

COX Architecture Founding Director, Philip Cox

As a low scale building looked down upon by high rise CBD buildings, the intricacies of the triangulated roof structure contain solar collectors and glazing giving the building intrigue, much like a giant sculpture sitting along the waterfront within a park setting.

The exhibition component of the centre has 1100 indoor ground floor stands and 400 outdoor stands. The convention component of the centre accommodates 2000 delegates and is located on the first floor. The basement houses catering facilities plus service and equipment rooms.

Public access is provided on site for 6 coaches, 12 taxis, 300 cars and 850 motorcycles.

This project was completed in collaboration with Ricky Liu Architects and Associates and Lee Ming Construction in Taiwan.

The Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre is an expression of the city and its design consciously reflects this.


Excellence Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers 2014

Technical Information

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
In Association With
Ricky Liu & Associates Architects + Planners
Kaohsiung Local Government
Completed, 2009-2014
Key Consultants
Arduous Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Corp., Jih Shaing Engineering Business Co., Professor Rong Ping Lai, Chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design, King-Le Chang & Associates, We Can Electrical Consultant, THI Consultants Inc., Taiwan Fire Life Safety Consultants, Environmental Science Corporation, C.C. Lee & Associates, Trinity Foundation Engineering Consultants
Lee Ming Construction
Gross Floor Area
Christopher Frederick Jones, John Gollings