Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Won through an international design and build competition, the project is the first in the harbour redevelopment within Taiwan’s port city of Kaohsiung. A public pedestrian street running through the centre of the facility to link the city to the waterfront is key to the design. Designed as a hybrid facility, the building combines exhibition and convention in a single integrated centre providing flexibility to host a large variety of events and meetings simultaneously. The roof enclosure utilises an alternating shell structural system with the umbrella trusses thereby substantially reducing the steel tonnage and successfully resisting gale force winds and anticipated seismic forces. A series of skylights and vents allow the building to respond to the environment allowing natural daylight and ventilation to improve its sustainability. This building type must be an expression of the city to all its visitors and we have consciously reflected that in the design.

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Excellence Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers 2014

In association with
Ricky Liu & Associates Architects + Planners
Kaohsiung Local Government
Project Status
Completed, 2009-2014
Key Consultants
Arduous Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Corp., Jih Shaing Engineering Business Co., Professor Rong Ping Lai, Chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design, King-Le Chang & Associates, We Can Electrical Consultant, THI Consultants Inc., Taiwan Fire Life Safety Consultants, Environmental Science Corporation, C.C. Lee & Associates, Trinity Foundation Engineering Consultants
Contractor / Builder
Lee Ming Construction
Gross Floor Area
Paul Sproule
Tony Tang
Peter Ung
Andy Medhurst
Nicholas Cheung