Sir Louis Matheson Library

Monash University, Caulfield East, Melbourne, Victoria

The design for the refurbishment of this group of 1960s buildings responds to the need to improve the operation and user experience of the Sir Louis Matheson Library and foster its leading role as the main library for the largest university in Australia. The refurbishment provides a new physical setting supporting the library’s contemporary academic programs and improving access to new models for study, research, and technology-rich environments.

Existing buildings have been retained in their current form, while internal spatial adjacencies have been rearranged in order to improve operational constraints, address, passive way-finding and equitable access.

Together this suite of design interventions showcase the collections unique to the Sir Louis Matheson Library, provide appropriate transparency into teaching spaces and study areas to reveal the library at work, and are a catalyst for increased engagement with the Library staff and collections.

Sir Louis Matheson Library
  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
Monash University
Project Status
In Progress, 2013-Current
Key Consultants
Contractor / Builder
Hansen Yuncken
Gross Floor Area
Steph Wan Hok Chee
Steven Harth