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Drone Footage Shows Exciting Progress on the Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment

Check out the progress on the Sydney Football Stadium redevelopment in the latest drone footage from design and construct contractor, John Holland

This footage shows the project progressing quickly: the concourse is complete, the seating plats are going in, and some of the structural steel supporting the innovative roof are being installed . There are currently six tower cranes and three crawler cranes on site. Over sixty COX staff have been involved in the design and documentation of the new Sydney Football Stadium, and entire project staff and workforce onsite number over 700.

COX Senior Associate and SFS Design Lead, Stuart harper

The COX team is thrilled to see the fruits of countless hours of design work, much of it during trying lockdowns, coming together so beautifully on site. The Sydney Football Stadium redevelopment is shaping up to be a world-class stadium, built by John Holland’s world-class team. We can’t wait for the first fans to come through the doors and experience what will be a truly intimate, and uniquely Sydney match day atmosphere.

Allianz Stadium Redevelopment


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