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Queensland Museum Refurbishment wins Interior Design Impact Award

At the 2016 Australian Interior Design Awards, the award for Interior Design Impact went to Cox Rayner for the Queensland Museum Refurbishment.

AIDA’s Interior Design Impact is a new award category that was introduced this year to recognise projects that have delivered social, cultural, environmental and fiscal benefits. The award reflects the commitment of the client, the design team and the builder to deliver substantial outcomes beyond artifice.


Jury comment

The Queensland Museum Refurbishment project encompasses a dramatic transformation of the spatial, functional and wayfinding experience of the museum and its precinct. This is achieved with a series of modest, flexible architectural and design interventions informed by a previous masterplan by the same design team and unified by the crafting of a singular material, blackbutt. The well-documented impact of this project is impressive and includes increased visitor numbers, increased functions and retail revenue, an ability to host major international exhibitions, a greater connectivity and activation of the broader cultural precinct, and an equality of access that goes beyond the mere physical and embodies social and cultural circumstances.

As a consequence, the museum has a greater national and international profile, enabling it to retain and attract bright staff and improve levels of benefaction.

This project makes a compelling case for continuity of the design team from masterplan to completion, for critical research-based design decisions, for close collaboration with a visionary client, and for the significant benefits and value for money that can be derived from informed investment in cultural institutions.

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

Nathan, Brisbane

Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Remote Mesa, Winton

Queensland Museum Refurbishment

South Brisbane

400 George Street


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Newstead, Brisbane