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Energex Headquarters

Newstead, Brisbane

Energex Headquarters is the first major commercial building in Newstead Riverpark, the centrepiece precinct of Newstead-Teneriffe which is Queensland’s largest urban renewal project. Riverpark was originally masterplanned by COX for Brisbane City Council and we subsequently planned FKP’s half-portion including for the Energex building.

As Queensland’s leading provider of LPG and natural gas (as well as electricity), it is fitting that the precinct was Brisbane’s historic gasworks site. The building was jointly designed by COX and BVN Donovan Hill (fitout) to meet Energex’s aspirations of a vibrant and cohesive working community, visible as such to the people of Brisbane.


It comprises 7 levels each of 4,180m2, longitudinally divided by a dramatically bridge-linked atrium that connects the interior to the external public realm. The form wraps around the northern corner of Riverpark like a clasp, accentuated by a projecting ‘hinge’ that comprises further social spaces visible to the major street interface.


The design utilises multiple orientations to evolve variegated architectural expression which camouflages its size, focussed on a distinctive woven and layered mesh façade animating the main street frontage.

The Energex Headquarters was Queensland’s first 6 Star Green Star (Design) office building, with As-Built status now awarded.


State Award for Interior Architecture, AIA QLD 2013

Technical Information

Newstead, Brisbane
In Association With
BVN Donovan Hill
Completed, 2005-2009
Key Consultants
Cundall, Landpartners, Brisbane City Council
FKP Constructions
Gross Floor Area
Christopher Frederick Jones