Jubilee Bridge

Marina Bay, Singapore

This new pedestrian bridge completes a fully accessible link from the Merlion Park, to the Esplanade Bridge and the Esplanade Plaza.

The design gesture is a simple one which uses an understated double curvilinear geometry to counterpoise the complex double helix bridge on the opposite side of the bay. This solution positively completes the important public domain access way around the Marina Bay. It enters the bay from the north as a sweeping glistening white ribbon. This long span bridge is formed as an arched shape bridge supported on two pylons and landing on the two shore abutments forming a gateway to the Singapore River beyond the bay into the heart of the city. The bridge form is a simple curvilinear pathway symbolic of the water spray from the face of the Merlion.

The bridge soffit structure section was formed in precast concrete and is simply rendered and painted white. It also acts as a reflector for the night lighting reflecting the lights concealed along its edges projected to express the sectional profile and shine as two ribbons off the water of the bay.

The total impact of the bridge is minimised by the introduction of a lightweight cabled stainless steel balustrade which understates its design requirement to withstand crowd loads of occupants in the bridge admiring any array of public activity hosted in the bay. Also included in the bridge design are the separation barriers along the walkway of the bridge to ensure that the circulation space is protected during these large gatherings.

  • Technical Information
  • Cox Team
In association with
Architects 61 Pte Ltd, Arup and Langdon Seah
Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore Government
Project Status
Completed, 2010-2015
Contractor / Builder
Marina Technology and Construction
Gross Floor Area
250m long, 6m wide