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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

In Canberra’s inner suburbs, Illume is a vital part of the ACT’s urban renewal strategy. Once a segment of Stuart Flats, it now aims to revitalise the area.

Situated between Evans Crescent and Light Street, Illume seamlessly blends urban and suburban elements. Comprising two buildings—a six-story structure to the north and a smaller one anchoring the corner—it’s a thoughtful nod to the surrounding context.

The design takes advantage of the site’s topography, ensuring ample sunlight for the dwellings. With around sixty units, Illume adapts to the demand for downsizer apartments, reflecting shifting demographics. The larger of the two buildings contains a mix of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. The smaller brick building contains only three dwellings – each occupying an entire floor.


Dan Bisa, Managing Director , Bisa Property

Illume has provided a considered addition to the established heritage fabric of the Inner South’s coveted location. We have achieved our vision – a boutique collection of timeless residences defined by a meticulous attention to detail and design. The notion of light was the driving philosophy behind Illume. COX embraced light as a design element to inform the materials pallet, design and the interaction of the building and daylight. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Quality of life is paramount, with most units enjoying sufficient natural light. Over seventy percent of dwellings receive a minimum of three hours of direct sunlight during winter solstice, and there are no bedrooms or living areas without windows. Material choices prioritise durability and context, with brickwork paying homage to the area’s history. The warm tones of the brickwork adorning the smaller building is a direct reference to the heritage house across the road, while the matter-of-factness of the larger building speaks to the broader conditions are which contemporary multi-unit buildings are built.

Illume stands as a beacon of urban renewal, combining architectural excellence with a community-centric approach.

Technical Information

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Bisa Property
Complete, 2023
Key Consultants
Sellick Consultants, Sally Hieatt Interiors, Rudds Consulting Engineers, HeyDay Consulting Services, Lit Consulting, O’Neill & Brown Fire Services, Eric Martin & Associates, Canberra Town Planning, Independent Property Group, Swell Design Group, BCA Certifiers, DSB Landscape Architects, Building Envelope Group
Bisa Developments Inner South Pty Ltd
Gross Floor Area
Anne Shroud & Jakub Beseda