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Manukau Bus and Train Interchange

Manukau, Auckland

The bright and airy Manukau Bus and Train Interchange (MBTI) was key to Auckland Transport’s network plans to better integrate bus and rail services in South Auckland. The project developed multi-modal public transport services that increased passenger numbers, extended bus services and created better connectivity for rail services.

MBTI serves as an example for off-street bus interchanges that provide high levels of amenity for passengers waiting or making connections between services. MBTI comprises of 23 bus bays that sit alongside an amenity building and house a central ticket kiosk, layover space for bus drivers, operations room and retail stores.

Bus and train stops sufficiently service current passenger capacities and can handle expected growth.

The interchange features a distinct and unique sawtooth roof design, standing out amongst the skyline of South Auckland’s thriving business district.

Sustainable design was a way to add environmental, social, economic and cultural value to the project. Automated louvres and natural ventilation provide cooling and north/northeast facing facades that allow direct sunlight to stream in. The building uses low energy fixtures and fittings to lower energy use and has a greywater system that collects waters from sinks and recycles it back into the building for toilet flushing.

MBTI represents excellent engagement with Manu Whenua and application of Auckland Council’s Te Aranga Maori principles – generating a compelling design that is completely of its place. Partnering with Mana Whenua resulted in the use of Maori art, natural timber and prominent iwi creative expressions. Te Aranga Maori principles also guided the design of the vital stormwater management system and passive temperate control methods.

The Te Aranga Maori principles were developed by Maori design professionals who were concerned at the lack of a Maori voice in urban design, pushing for planners to recognise Maori cultural landscapes in their work.

Manukau’s integrated hub is a refreshing change for public transport in South Auckland and provides everyone with a reason to take the bus to the city. This project was completed in collaboration with Beca Architects.


Auckland Architecture Award Winner, Public Architecture, NZ Institute of Architects Awards 2018

Technical Information

Manukau, Auckland
Complete, 2017
Lachezar Karadzhov