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The Benefits of Socialisation in the Workplace

In late 2020, we conducted a client study – The New Workplace 2021: Perceptions and Practices in a Post-COVID, Flexible World.

The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the practices and perceptions of our workplace clients in response to COVID.

Two years later we have revisited this research, finding that despite a continued widespread shift towards remote and hybrid rhythms, the social benefits of the physical workplace is drawing people back to the office. We explored this in our most recent research piece, ‘The Benefits of Socialisation in the Workplace.’

So yes, the way we work may have changed, perhaps forever, but the physical office still holds dear to organisations and their people.

Read the full report here:

Transurban Workplace | Interiors


Midtown Workplace | Interiors


Eagle Workplace | Interiors


Charter Hall Workplace – Melbourne | Interiors


Charter Hall Workplace – Brisbane | Interiors


Agile Workplace | Interiors


100 Market Street Workplace

Sydney, New South Wales