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District Court of Western Australia


The District Court of Western Australia is an environment of human dignity and physical comfort that respects its public users and regular occupants.

The desire to create a comfortable and honourable court is represented in interior spaces, with a light-filled and peaceful central space and calm courtroom fit-outs. A contemporary and emblematic urban marker of justice in Perth, its silhouette is instantly recognisable amongst Perth’s ever-expanding city skyline.


Public spaces within the building are highly visible and engage with the normalcy of everyday life. It is a transparent expression of the court’s process and importance in social organisation. The spatial and operational arrangement of the building supports the human elements of ritual, exchange and support.

The building significantly enhances human values in all the processes of justice and delivers clarity of experience for all participants. Public exchange and interface occurs in a highly legible manner providing constant contact with natural light, the horizon and the surrounding city. The building promotes a legible, non-threatening environment where people are firmly oriented in their surroundings.


Rider Levett Bucknall Award for Public Buildings, Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards WA 2010

Public Use Building Winner, Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2009 (Brookfield Multiplex)

Technical Information

Department of the Attorney General, State Government of Western Australia
Completed, 2004-2008
Key Consultants
BGE, Wood & Grieve Engineers, SKM, Vipac, Lyons Architecture, JMG Building Surveyors
Brookfield Multiplex
Gross Floor Area
Alison Paine