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Newcastle Courthouse


The Newcastle Courthouse is located on Hunter Street within the main civic precinct, housing both a courthouse and local government office.


The design includes twelve courtrooms and appears open and inviting while conveying its civic importance. The experience of the public has been given high-priority through open atrium spaces, integrated public art and waiting environments with high levels of comfort – including separated spaces for opposing parties.

The triangular shape of the site was utilised with internal public circulation and waiting spaces that overlook the entry forecourt. Designers also used the building’s shape to take advantage of good solar access and views of the harbour.


Commendation, Public Architecture, AIA NSW, 2016

Technical Information

NSW Department of Justice
Completed, 2011-2015
Key Consultants
APP, AECOM, Taylor Thomson Whitting, WSP, JBA, Turf Design, Douglas Partners, MGAC, GML Heritage, Aquenta
John Holland
Gross Floor Area
Garry Owens- Raygun, John Gollings