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Chatswood Transport Interchange


This mixed-use infrastructure development rejuvenates the centre of Chatswood, completely replacing the existing station and bus interchange while maintaining their operations during construction.

The design re-joins the east and west halves of Chatswood and create a new north-south pedestrian connection to Chatswood Oval. An open air bus interchange connects on grade to the station entrance via a glazed pedestrian street, flanked with retail on one side and the station platforms on the other. Visual linkages between platforms and retail contrast with inward looking train stations of the past.

The four rail platforms that connect to the new Epping line incorporates the latest in technology and safety. Emphasis is placed on spatial clarity and intuitive wayfinding, making the station as easy to use as possible.

The podium is capped by a generous sunlit food court serving local workers and residents. Three slender residential towers, the tallest 40 storeys in height, mark the new transport gateway and geographic heart of Chatswood.

Folded metal screens forming a distinctive capping to each tower orient to the various destinations serviced by the station. The towers and podium are sculpted to unblock visual connections down major streets, minimise the construction impact on the station and minimise shadow impact on adjacent parkland.


‘Great Place’ Award for Planning Excellence, PIA NSW 2015
State Commendation for Urban Design, AIA NSW 2015
Urban Habitat Award Finalist, CTBUH 2015
Engineering Excellence Award, Infrastructure, Association of Consulting Engineers Australia Awards of Excellence 2009
Silver Award of Highly Commended, Building Category, Association of Consulting Engineers Australia Awards of Excellence 2009

Technical Information

In Association With
CRI Australia and Laing O'Rourke
Completed, 2004-2009
Key Consultants
Taylor Thomson Whitting, AECOM (Bassett Consulting), Harris Page & Associates, Webb Australia, Fiona Yeates
Laing O’Rourke
Gross Floor Area
John Gollings