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Reach for Nepal

COX is proud to announce its partnership with REACH for Nepal (RFN), a Canberra-based charity dedicated to rebuilding communities devastated by the 2015 earthquakes. Teaming up with Taylor Thomson Whitting (TTW) in Sydney, our goal is to raise $90K this year, and ideally for subsequent years, to confirm the construction of a much-needed health clinic in Lamagaun Village.

The RFN Foundation is rapidly gaining recognition in Australia for its impactful work in remote parts of Nepal. Their mission is to improve the lives of Nepalese people, primarily in the Gandaki Province, through health, education, and village sustainability projects.

The Lamagaun Health Clinic (LHC) serves as the primary source for medical assistance in the area. Built in 1993, the LHC was damaged by the earthquakes in 2015 and has now been classified as a building at risk by the local government.

The rebuild of the LHC is the most important project the RFN Foundation will be undertaking in 2024. While the floorplan will be based on Nepal’s approved health post requirements, the building and engineering design will be innovative, incorporating earthquake resilient design principles. This project is expected to set a new benchmark in Nepal – not only in terms of practicality and sustainability, but also in terms of adaptability to respond to Nepal’s unpredictable medical support requirements.

There is unanimous support from all stakeholders in Nepal for this project to proceed.

We need your help!

This exciting and crucial project is a joint venture between COX and TTW. We are volunteering our architectural and engineering services to pioneer the pilot build of this health clinic.

This is a call to arms to our partners and collaborators to help fund the project and be part of this unique and life-changing experience.

We estimate the 72m2 (53m2 internal plus veranda) build will cost AU$90,000, including the fit out and equipment for the facility. We envision a future where support is a lasting commitment. Annual donations for the next three to five years are encouraged, providing an ongoing lifeline for those in need.

Join us on this journey of hope and resilience as we work towards transforming lives and building stronger communities in Nepal. Your support, whether through donations, sponsorship, or spreading the word, is invaluable.

GiveNow – Earthquake Resilient Health Clinic Build in Nepal