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Ian Smith

Abi Avramov

Agnieszka Liso

Alexander Garrett

Audun Alfheim

Callum Morrison

Cameron Barnes

Danne Kresoya

Don Gilson

Emma Patterson

James Rendina

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Manuka Oval Lights

Griffith, Australian Capital Territory

The design of the sport lighting at Manuka Oval aspired to elevate the aesthetic appeal of what are normally very crude, utilitarian structures into elegant, slender, distinctive forms which in time will become part of the fabric of the venue. This is a true case of form following function – delivering a solution that is both necessary and beautiful.

The clear vision for the towers was to celebrate their visual impact and create distinctive markers for the oval. They contribute to reinforcing the Griffin geometry and more clearly define the oval’s pivotal place within its urban context.

The technical demands of the project required a seamless collaboration of relevant design and engineering disciplines but, in contrast to previous sport lighting projects, was a design led approach with the architect synthesising the technical requirements into a coherent conceptual framework.

Video credit: Ben Wrigley Photographer

Technical Information

Griffith, Australian Capital Territory
Complete, 2012
Key Consultants
Arup, Davis Langdon, Certified Building Solutions
Ben Wrigley Photographer