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Oman Across Ages Museum

Muscat, Oman

Located in Nizwa, the crossroads of Oman, the Oman Across Ages Museum Project is a cultural and educational hallmark for locals and visitors. Commissioned by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al-Said, the museum is a celebration of the country’s economic, cultural and social renaissance since the 1970s.

The design centres on creating a journey – a set of unique experiences, and a place of memories and enlightenment. The museum acknowledges the rich foundations of the country’s past while celebrating its bright and opportunistic future. Forging a bridge between past and future, the space will transcend knowledge of the country’s achievements in an innovating, informative and interactive manner.

The project offers an insight into Oman through a comprehensive, layered narrative. The design works within its unique landscape to craft a museum bred from the earth of Oman. The Oman Across Ages Museum harmonises its topography with stories of human and cultural achievement.

Technical Information

Muscat, Oman
Sultanate of Oman, Royal Court Affairs
In Progress, 2014-Current
Estimated Completion 2020/2021
Key Consultants
Gross Floor Area