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Her Majesty’s Theatre Redevelopment Project


Constructed in 1913, Her Majesty’s Theatre is Adelaide’s oldest continually operating performance venue and holds deep cultural and historic significance to the city. COX was engaged to redevelop the theatre to better accommodate contemporary expectations, whilst maintaining its historical integrity and character.

The major revamp includes a new wing featuring three levels of bars, along with entertainment and exhibition spaces. Following extensive consultation with Government, artists and the community, a brief was developed which included increasing capacity from 970 to 1,500, which would improve the front-of-house experience for patrons and offer better integration with the surrounding arts precinct. COX is undertaking this project as a united architecture and interiors team. Both teams have honoured architectural artefacts and the building’s Edwardian origins to inform their designs.

Her Maj, as she is affectionately known, is a great example of COX’s ability to celebrate culture and heritage. The venue is one of the most recognised arts and entertainment destinations in South Australia and has hosted some of Australia’s most significant cultural moments. A building of this significance required careful redevelopment, informed design choices, and considered collaboration.

Technical Information

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia
Completion in 2019
Gross Floor Area