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Edgeworth Apartments


The Edgeworth Apartments deliver an urban vision for city living that is sustainable, comfortable and affordable. The central apartments form a novel arrangement that have been colloquially termed ‘flip-flop’ apartments.

This project allowed COX to enact robust and enduring strategies that improve the baseline amenity of apartment living for future residents. This includes addressing climate change through an urban fabric that minimises carbon emission using appropriate densification and passive environmental building solutions.

These ‘flip flop’ apartments offer many of the benefits of a detached home, with good ventilation, light from multiple directions, a variety of living spaces and points of prospect. In addition, these properties have the societal and urban benefits of apartment living, including transport-oriented design, appropriate densification and proximity to amenities and entertainment.

There are shared intermittent corridors and interlocking dual aspect multi-level plan forms. Edgeworth’s narrow 12m floorplate encourages beautiful spaces that utilise smart-use of space. The external palette of articulated concrete blades puncturing glazed facades, stepped balconies and book-ending zinc sculptural forms provides depth to the facades, in-turn creating generous protective outdoor spaces uncharacteristic of typical apartment living.

The Edgeworth Apartment’s are part of a precinct masterplan, which includes the adaptive reuse of an existing building into a hotel and a future marker building proposed for the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Macarthur Avenue.

COX’s initial involvement with authorities was critical in gaining endorsement of the scheme, championing a planning approval framework that balanced community and developers interests while encouraging this valuable built outcome.

All servicing of the precinct is confined to an existing service lane, allowing the site to be organised via a series of laneways – activated by small commercial tenancies, hotel and residential lobbies and low-speed local traffic movements. The ground plan, although privately owned, is given over as a public domain with a distinctly tidy urban character.

The Edgeworth Apartments are compact, high-quality homes that give residents cost-effective access to an appealing built environment and vibrant lifestyle.


Sydney Ancher Award for Multi Residential Architecture, AIA ACT

Technical Information

Complete, 2018
Key Consultants
Sellick Consultants, Rudds Consulting Engineer,s Canberra Town Planning, DSB Landscape Architects
Gross Floor Area
Ben Wrigley Photographer