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COX Playing Cards

This first edition of COX Playing Cards features graphic representations of a selection of our built works spanning back to the 1960’s when Philip Cox established the practice.

Perhaps use as respite from screen-time to reconnect with friends and family as the world becomes ever more digital.




2 of Spades

3 of Spades
Waltzing Matilda Centre, QLD

4 of Spades
Civic Quarter, ACT

5 of Spades
Rod Laver Arena, VIC

6 of Spades
Sydney Coliseum Theatre, NSW

7 of Spades
Willinga Camp Draft VIP Grandstand, NSW

8 of Spades
Ten Minutes by Tractor, VIC

9 of Spades
St Christopher’s Precinct, ACT

10 of Spades
Wilderness Learning Commons, SA

Jack of Spades
Australian War Memorial ANZAC Hall and Glazed Link, ACT

Queen of Spades
Albany Entertainment Centre, WA

King of Spades
National Maritime Museum of China, China



2 of Hearts 
Oval Hotel, SA

3 of Hearts 
Kingsborough Village,ACT

4 of Hearts 
Cairns Performing Arts Centre, QLD

5 of Hearts 
Stromlo Leisure Centre, ACT

6 of Hearts 
Sir John Monash Centre, France

7 of Hearts 
Willinga Park Conference Centre, NSW

8 of Hearts 
Perth Children’s Hospital, WA

9 of Hearts 
Scotch College Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science, VIC

10 of Hearts 
Edgeworth Apartments, ACT

Jack of Hearts 
Adelaide Botanic High School, SA

Queen of Hearts 
Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal, VIC

King of Hearts 
Melbourne Jet Base, VIC



2 of Clubs 
Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, QLD

3 of Clubs 
The Element, ACT

4 of Clubs 
Eden Port Welcome Centre, NSW

5 of Clubs 
Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, New Zealand

6 of Clubs 
Wesley College Drennen Centre, VIC

7 of Clubs 
The Wildlife Retreat at Taronga Zoo, NSW

8 of Clubs 
Moss River House, NSW

9 of Clubs 
James Cook University Central Plaza, QLD

10 of Clubs 
Optus Stadium, WA

Jack of Clubs 
Tocal CB Alexander College, NSW

Queen of Clubs 
Her Majesty’s Theatre, SA

King of Clubs 
Willinga Park Stables and Welcome Building, NSW


2 of Diamonds 
Oman Across Ages Museum, Oman

3 of Diamonds 
Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, VIC

4 of Diamonds 
Cumbia Restaurant, SA

5 of Diamonds 
Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong, NSW

6 of Diamonds 
Tempus Turner Townhouses, ACT

7 of Diamonds 
Melville Senior High School Theatre, WA

8 of Diamonds 
Oaklands Station, SA

9 of Diamonds 
Alexander & Albemarle, ACT

10 of Diamonds 
Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct, NSW

Jack of Diamonds 
Fortitude Valley State Secondary College, QLD

Queen of Diamonds 
Snow Concert hall, ACT

King of Diamonds 
Allianz Stadium, NSW

Aidan Baron

Chris Millman

Daniel Da Cruz